Welcome to Redeemer House!
Friday, November 20, 2009 by Fr. Santo Arrigo C.Ss.R.

Redemptorist Youth and Vocation Ministry finds a new home in Downtown Toronto!

Redeemer House On December 1, 2007, the new Redemptorist Community, “Redeemer House” was established in Toronto, right next to St. Patrick’s Church.

Though the offices of RYVM and of Outreach Ministry in Toronto were already in town, it was determined that our initiatives and ministry should find a new home to allow for the opportunity to work together, share in community, and build our ministries in the Toronto area, and to continue to build them across Canada through this new location.

After some minor repairs, and a fresh coat of paint throughout the house, the new community and offices at Redeemer House were born!

Redeemer House is a semi detached house. One side of the building houses the Redemptorist Community which serves as the house of Discernment and Formation for new Candidates for Redemptorist life. This community, founded upon the spirit of St. Alphonsus, and our Charism as Redemptorists is a house of prayer, hospitality, fellowship, and discernment.

Together, as a Redemptorist Community, we live out our mission and charism through the apostolic ministry of Vocation Discernment, Formation, Youth and Young Adult Ministry, and Apostolic Outreach in the City of Toronto. This ministry is coordinated through our work on the other half of the house where the offices of RYVM (Youth/Young Adult Ministry, and Vocation Ministry), as well as the Outreach Ministry are located.

To aid in the ministry that we are engaged in, we have 3 gathering rooms on the main floor which serve for gathered events, planning meetings, retreats, and other programs.

We are quite excited about our new home! As we continue to settle in, we look forward to building our ministries in the area, and throughout the country from this central location. Over the next few months, some of the activities from the new office include:

  • High School Retreat Days with our Young Adult Leaders
  • Lenten Reflection Outreach through our website
  • Redemptorist Come and See Retreats
  • Host Live-In discernment opportunities at Redeemer House
  • S.E.R.V.E.
  • Redemptorist Pilgrimage to the Eucharistic Congress
  • …and much more!

Our New Address is:

Redemptorist Youth and Vocation Ministry
c/o Redeemer House
151 McCaul Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5T 1W3